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Welcome to Genetically Superior. We were formed July 30th of 2009. We casually raided in Wrath of the Lich King expansion when it was current content, starting out in Naxx, went to Ulduar, then ToC, and eventually ICC. We came into Cataclysm as a casual guild that raided sometimes and from the middle of the expansion to the end we became semi-hardcore, becoming competitive and progressing to the 2nd guild on horde and 3 on the realm for progression in Heroic Dragon Soul. We completed Heroic DS 8/8 and are currently just relaxing and having run until Mists of Panderia expansion comes out September 25th
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Guild Chat-

Guild chat is not to be used to discuss sex, religion or politics. These topics offend people easily and should be avoided.
Have fun, but keep it clean. We have a wide variety of people in the guild.
Please remember that different people are offended by different things. What is a big deal to one person may not matter to you. However, you should respect the wishes of others, and apologize if you have caused offense. Tolerance is key.

DO NOT BEG. Asking for money in guild chat is not acceptable; don't do it. Constantly asking for help with quests and instances is also frowned upon. We are not a leveling guild, and we are not here to level
your toon for you. However, we do take players of all levels and will help to a certain extent. People are always willing to help with heroics or with high level group quests, but other than that remember that we are working adults with busy lives and demands of our own. 
If you quit the guild, don't ask for an invite back and please don't try to come back on an alt. If we find out it's you, you will be automatically kicked.

Be courteous, helpful and welcoming.
Above all be friendly. Offer to help out, welcome new members, run things with guild members. Many of us have been raiding together for a year and more. We need to welcome others into our unique circle and make them feel at home. Overall, have fun. It's a shame to waste $15 a month
on something that's suppose to be fun and not have fun. Kick your feet up, relax, and let's have a good game!

The Guild Bank-

Some items in the guild bank may be purchased by members for reduced cost. Your ranking, longevity and standings with the guild will determine if you are eligible to purchase items. The other mats that are in the bank that are on the members tab (tab 8) are there for you to use, but please do not take things without ever giving back. If you take something, put something useful in, or make a gold donation. Please, please do not put random low level (junk) items in the bank. The Guild Bank is a privilege we extend to our members, and we encourage you to take advantage of the items made available to you, however it is a privilege to use it. Please be considerate in using the Guild Bank by making sure if you remove items/money, replace it with something someone else would be able to use. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn't keep it in your bank, don't stick it in ours.

Don't Troll-

Remember that you are always representing us. 
In PUGs and in trade, you are representing the guild. We do not want to hear a complaint against one of our members for being rude, elitist or in general just a jerk. In Got your Six, we do not troll in trade, we do not put others down, and we do not gain amusement from the misfortune of others.

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Our New Website

Slypknot, Sep 2, 12 3:17 PM.
Still working on the website some stuff may be unfinished
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